1/5 ROFUN ES5 compatible with Dji 4WD 2.4G LED Screen Remote Control Film-level Camera Car Electric Rc for youtube film sutdio


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ROFUN ES5 Film and Television Camera Car Camera Gimbal Tram 1/5 Camera Gimbal Movie Rc Toys Car

1, brushless motor 750KV/6500W

2, ESC 200A (standard XT150 plug)

3, 6200mAh-45C 8S lithium battery

4, body length x width x height LxWxH: 965x527x255mm

5, track 520mm

6, wheelbase 431mm

7, 4WD

8, LT road tires (customized sponge lining)

9, 7mm hydraulic shock absorption (custom)

10, before and after the metal differential

11, BER 2.4G LED screen three-channel remote control

12, 55KG full metal gear steering steering gear (standard CNC steering arm)

13, front and rear anti-roll bar group

14, 5mmCNC integrated molding 6061 aluminum alloy chassis

15, CNC metal platform support kit

16, B6 charger

Note:Display effect with equipment (This product does not include photographic equipment)

ROFUN ES5 (2019 model) is an electric four-wheel drive all-terrain remote control shooting, photography, and video vehicle launched in 2019.
Through the optimization of rubber tires, inner linings, pan-tilt shock absorption and vehicle shock absorption. Filter out most of the vibrations of each frequency and band. The subtle vibrations can be completely filtered out by the gimbal, so the pictures and images taken are very beautiful
ES5 first solves the embarrassment that manual tracking and shooting is very tiring and sometimes can't keep up. At the same time, you can enter many dangerous or special environments, such as shooting wild animals. Because it is a low viewing angle, it brings a different perspective experience
It is recommended to purchase the full version and charge it before use. The frame version does not include: motor, ESC, steering gear, remote control, battery and charger, you need to buy it yourself. If you already have a Ruofan LT petrol car or a LOSI 5T petrol car, you can modify it by yourself. First purchase Ruofan 870962 Ruofan LT/SLT oil-to-electricity kit full version. First change it to an electric version, and then buy Ruofan 87118ES5 modification Kit. Contact customer service if you are unclear.


F5 4WD 1/5 Scale Upgraded Camera Car

Not contain the camera in the photo.

This is the New Electric Ready To Run 1/5 Scale Brush-less Radio Controlled Camera Car.
Designed to hold an optional MoVI M5, M10, or M15 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. By combining the stabilization of the MoVI with a custom vibration isolation system, the King Motor Camera Car makes it possible to capture smooth, dynamic low-angle shots as you chase the action. You can now get your camera in the middle of a stunt scene or other situation that would be dangerous for a human operator, all while maintaining complete control and stability of your shots. A top cheese plate makes it easy to mount your MoVI and all accessories. A 2.4Ghz MT-3D radio transmitter is included.

(2) 5000MAH (or larger) 30C 14.8 volt 4S Li-Po batteries REQUIRED (NOT INCLUDED)

Great power but yet easy to control at slow speeds.
Built in braking system and reverse!
Alloy Differential, Many aluminum parts, CVD axles and more!

Rovan Electric 1/5 Scale F5 4WD On-Road Professional Movie, Camera Car

This RTR Model Features INCLUDE:

750KV 6500W Brush-less Motor

200Amp ESC with XT150 Battery Plug ends

BER 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter computer radio

Four Wheel Shaft Drive, 3 oil filled differentials, huge oil filled aluminum shocks for smooth control

55KG full metal gear steering servo

Track: 520mm

Wheelbase: 431mm

Everything in pictures is included!

Car Size: 920*475*270mm


5mm CNC integrated molding 6061T6 aluminum alloy chassis
4WD shaft drive system, 7mm front short drive shaft, 7mm rear drive shaft
Front, rear and center metal oil filled differential systems
CNC Aluminum HD Motor Mount
CNC Aluminum Camera Mounting plate with strong dampening system that can hold up to 10 pounds with ease.
CNC Aluminum ESC Box
Front and rear CNC Aluminum Shock Towers
Front and rear CNC metal 7mm hydraulic shock absorption
Front and rear anti-roll bar
F5 five-star wheels with smooth running on road tires
Dual Large Battery Trays with hook and loop fasteners
1/5 scale size 55KG All metal gear Steering Servo with Aluminum servo horn
All Steel Metal Gears and full time shaft drive
NEW BER 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter computer radio with automatic frequency hopping spread spectrum digital proportional system is loaded with features
2X 4s 5000mah or bigger Lipo battery packs (NOT INCLUDED) these will be needed to run this
I MAX B6AC Charger included
Comes with everything you see in the pictures



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